Sport in Troisdorf

It was the German Sports Federation (Deutscher Sportbund) that described Troisdorf as an outstanding city for sport.

And it was the German Olympic Sports Federation (an amalgamation of the German Sports Federation and the National Olympic Committee for Germany) that awarded the prize "Großer Stern des Sports in Silber" (Big Silver Sports Star) to Troisdorf's swimming club in 2009.

Troisdorf offers a remarkable number of sports venues (only in German available), halls and clubs. Troisdorf promotes club sport. Nearly 20,000 people meet in over 70 sports clubs (only in German available).

You can obtain additional information on sport - particularly about and for sports clubs - from the

Stadtsportverband Troisdorf e.V. (SSVT) (Troisdorf Sports Association)

Postfach 1743, 53827 Troisdorf.