Burg Wissem

The gatehouse of Burg Wissem (Wissem castle) and the premises of the registroy office at the ground floor. On the right hand side, in the background, the manor house of Burg Wissem (Wissem castle). enlarge picture

Set amidst beautiful scenery, the historic Burg Wissem site is a popular destination for the whole family.

The first written evidence dates from 1474.

Burg Wissem is the landmark of Troisdorf. The history of the former nobleman’s estate „Wisheim/Wiesheim/Wyssem/Weißheimb“ dates back to Merovingian time (500-700 AD). It was a castle complex and fortification enclosed by a moat and the ancestral seat of the masters of Troisdorf (Truhtesdorf).

The estate includes parts of buildings from three epochs and nestles in a grand park with a direct passage to the Wahner Heide.

Three museums are located at Burg Wissem. In the context of the Regionale 2010 an unique cultural center was established. Now, Burg Wissem domiciled the portal to Wahner Heide, the Museum of City and Industrial History Troisdorf (called MUSIT), the "KennenLernenUmwelt" learning resource (called KLU), the civil registry office, the creative workshop „Kreativwerkstatt“, the local history club, the Heinz Müller foundation, the Gutzeit restarant and a tourist information.

Another attraction ist the Park of the Senses.

Experice Burg Wissem as a place full of history and stories, a popular recreation place with a high amenity value for the people in Troisdorf and the surrounding area.

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