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Integration in Troisdorf

There is a long tradition of integration work and the shaping of community life in the city of Troisdorf.

In Troisdorf we work with migrants to devise integration measures.

Integration Council

The Integration Council represents the interests and concerns of Troisdorf residents from a migrant background.

Advice and support

Members of the Integration Council provide surgeries to offer advice and assistance. The Integration Council has its own office in the town hall. Advice and support is also offered by the citys Integration Office. Two Integration Commissioners focus on the needs of migrants from the former Soviet Union.


We have compiled a list of services of particular relevance to migrants under Life events (only in German available).

Haus International

The "Haus International" multi-generational centre in the Troisdorf- Friedrich-Wilhelms-Hütte district offers countless leisure, educational and advice services for women and girls from a migrant background.

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Community co-determination has always been at the heart of integration policy in Troisdorf. Since the 1970s, integration measures have focused on the active inclusion and participation of citizens with a migration background. Meeting places and similar venues were created back in the 1970s, whilst the election of a parliament guaranteed political co-determination for migrants.

Haus International and IZT

Central venues for integration activities were opened in 1971 and 1977 in the shape of Haus International (HI) in the Sieglar district and the Internationales Zentrum Troisdorf (IZT) (Troisdorf International Centre). Both were created as meeting places for companionship, cultural exchange, advice and information.

In 1984 an advice centre was set up especially for girls and women with migrant background. This was Troisdorf's response to the needs of female migrants, who required separate services due to the high proportion of men in the IZT.

Integration work in Troisdorf has made steady progress since then. Today the Integration Council represents the interests and concerns of Troisdorf residents with a migration background.

Migration Route

The success of Troisdorf's integration policy is also recognised at state level, which is why the city is a milestone on the "Migration Route" in NRW.

Further information

You will find further informations (pdf-format) on the German site.

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